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March 21, 2007
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Vengence Gundam by DavidKits Vengence Gundam by DavidKits
Hey all. well as you can tell this little beast is NOT MINE! and yet it is Mine at the same time! muahahaha.
Anyway all art for this Gundam was done by my friend on DA. the link to his site is [link]

To explain, I am precently working on a Gundam Seed Story in real life, kinda a fanfic crossed with my own thing. and one of the Mobile Suits in it or actually one of the Gundams i should say is Vengence here. Please understand the name is in the works there is nothing totally official about it but for the next while I'm calling it Vengence :P until i can get a better one or keep it.

Vengence is a walking Behemoth of Firepower with 2x over the shoulder Rail guns, 2x twin linked Beam Gattling guns, 2x 75 mm automatic multi-barrel CIWS "Igelstellung", 2x Vibro assault knife, 1x Beam sword, and 1x 57mm high-energy beam rifle

This Gundam comes in 2 forms as shown here. the first form on the left is the full armored mode in this form it carried its full armorment. its job in that form is to literally "hold the line" anything that comes into its firing range tends to get torn to bits by its Gatling Beam weapons and Railguns. With its anti-beam coat reinforced armor it will take a long time before its taken down from a range.

The Second form the one on the right is the More mobile version of the Unit. when enemy units enter into range that continued ranged fire would be ill advised, the Armor of the first form has the ability to be forcefully ejected by firing specific explosive bolts the armor is quickly blown form the suit. In this Smaller thinner Unit, it becomes highly mobile being covered in jets it literally can dance in a sense to avoid attacks. its weapons are limited in this smaller suit to only the vibro knifes, a beam sword, beam gun, and a single combat shield with Gatling guns. Though the shield can be discarded for extra weight lost.

Best of all words in one deadly packet, Speed, Firepower, armor and under the Care of Pilot Septerra Lucerne very effective in its duty.

Vengence Gundam To Chakat Silkpaws (aka ME!)
Art once again to [link]
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Blacksonic57 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012
orihalchon Featured By Owner May 29, 2009  Student Filmographer
AWESOME! does the armor purges?
DavidKits Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2010
armor purges what do you mean sir?
Naotachai Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Can the Gundam detach its armor mid-combat?
VeeMachi Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2009
You misspelt Vengeance. Other than that, awesome design. :thumbsup:

However there are a few things I would like to point out...

:bulletred: You mentioned an anit-beam coating, I can only conclude that this takes place in the Seed continuity. That said, your partner specifide that you use explosive reactive armor. I suggest you change that up to be phase shift armor, since explosive reactive armor can only be used once and possibly would negate the effects of the anti-beam coating.

:bulletpurple: It's pointless to call it an automatic Close-in Weapon Systems since all CIWSs are automatic. It would be inpossible for anyone, even a coridinator or newtype, to have the reaction time to preform the operations that a CIWS does.

:bulletblue: Railguns shoots projectiles, but do those railguns shoot Shells or Shots? Why not have a missile launcher instead? Considering it's propose I would think those would be more usefull.
DavidKits Featured By Owner May 9, 2009
Valid points and I noticed a while back that i mispelled the word sadly. as for your points lets see if i can answer them in order.

1. yes the Mobile suit resides in the Seed continuity when i original designed this Mobile suit i was enjoying the mobile suits of that and borrowed some thoughts. as for the explosive reactive armor, I did not mention the Gundam doesn't really have that. What is stated is that the armor can be 'ejected' from the gundam by blowin explosive bolts in it. much like shedding a second skin that way. the Mobile suit body itself has phase shift but much like the armor plates used on the Duel gundam.

2. the automatic was added as it was the same spelling and write up on the Strike gundam for explaining its head guns i fugred i should use the same.

3. the railguns shoot solid slugs or 'buck shot' depending on load out before the fight. as for why not use missiles instead for 2 reasons. 1. missiles run out faster and are easier to defend from. 2. I already had made up and written a second armor loadout that was brimming with Missile packs just don't have a picture of it.
Hellscream02 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2008
In theory true, but out in the battlefield where mobility plays a key role this Gundam would not stand a chance by itself. Now if it were to be used as a support unit with a more mobile unit than it can lay on the fire power without having to eject the extra weight early to catch up to the enemy mobile suits. Kind of like how the Calamity Gundam has a close combat variant named Sword Calamity.
DavidKits Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2008
*nods* i was working on the idea of more Varients for it. and this unit was to be used with a few other units. not really on its own. just it can bring alot of power to bare.
Hellscream02 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2008
Great design and concept for it's purpose. That's what I like in a Gundam, designed for being practical not flashy. But I think the name should have been Omega Defensor Gundam since it's built to be a base's last line of defense. Still cool looking though.
DavidKits Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2008
I don't know about last line of defence but it was designed as a very defensive mobile suit. it could in theory be dropped into the middle of any battleand cause as much chaos to enemy lines as possible as they advanced.
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